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As many of you know, we are primarily a PERSIAN & PEDIGREE Rescue, but we do take non pedigrees (space permitting) and we (like all Rescues at the moment) are INUNDATED with unwanted cats/kittens (and not just 'moggies' !!!)

We neuter EVERYTHING Adult & Kitten that comes through our doors before rehoming them. This not only protects them from being bred from, but also stops a large proportion of their offspring ending up in rescues and the hands of 'Back Yard Breeders' in the future !!!!!!!!

I am BEGGING breeders AND owners to early neuter your kittens to help stop perpetuating the misery these cats endure

Common practice is to wait until they are 6months of age, but we know from personal experience that this is too late and kittens are coming into 'season' or males mating at 4-5months of age and so adding to the problem of unwanted kittens.

I know MANY responsible breeders already neuter their kittens before they go home at 12-14 weeks, but too many young cats ''moggies and pedigrees that have been '' sold as ''pets '' are coming in either pregnant or bred to death !!!! Even those sold as kittens from LAST YEAR are on their 2 nd litters and we have a 2 year old Persian in who has had FIVE litters already! !!!

I feel breeders should take the responsibility to ensure their kittens get in the right hands and '' pet kittens'' should be neutered so they donít end up as '' breeding machines'' , crated from 13 weeks old until their 1st season to then pop out litter after litter and then 'mum' is got rid of at the age of 4/5 years old ''not neutered'' , only to go to another back street breeder to be bred and bred until they die of neglect or a slow and painful death.

This is going on all over the place now because people are wanting to make a fast buck, and you only have to look on some of the 'Pets for sale' sites to see pages of pedigree and 'half pedigree' kittens being sold ( MANY Pedigree kittens offered are un registered with no papers i.e the ''parent/s'' were sold as 'pets' and were NOT registered for breeding ! ) ... and VERY few state 'already neutered' and so the misery continues

We have been early neutering our kittens now for 4 years and have not lost a kitten yet. They come out of the operations and are eating and up and running straight away.

The 'Cats Protection League' recommend early neutering by 4 months of age.

Click link below to see a video showing the operation in both male and female kittens and see how quickly they recover,
and what the benefits are to both owner and kitten (and Rescues !!)

Yes I know some breeders say 'My vet won't do it ' but The Cats Protection League have published a list of vets that ARE willing to early neuter (there are 700 across the UK)

CLICK here for a list of 'Early Neuter Vets'.

so there is NO excuse !!...... The 'cost' can be added to the price of the kitten so breeders will not lose out and this one action will safeguard their 'babies'and help the Rescues too !!

Please Please consider early neutering .We need to stop all these cats and kittens pouring in every year
Letting a cat have ''just one litter'' doesnít make them a better cat - its an old wives tale .... it just adds to the rescue population and puts them at risk of Felv/Fiv if left entire .

We are having 14/16 week old kittens coming into full season. With 'global warming' and central heating in our homes there isnít a kitten season in the UK anymore ( it used to be between March to September ) but now days kittens are bred/born all through the year :-(

Please do 'your bit' to help and EARLY NEUTER your kittens

Thank you




Photos will be posted once they have been vet checked and groomed.
If you are interested in rehoming a Persian please contact us to find out what we have coming in


Tortie and Tabby Kittens

These beautiful kittens will be ready in 3 weeks time.
They will by neutered, microchipped and fully vaccinated.


Amba; Red Tabby British Shorthair 5 yrs old.
This beautiful girl has come to us because her owner is moving in with her partner who is allergic to Amba.
She has been an only cat and a housecat.
Neutered, microchipped and had her 1st vaccination and will need another in 3 weeks time.


Nancy: Seal point Applehead Siamese. 3 yrs old.
Nancy is lovely , very affectionate and full of herself
She is neutered, microchipped and had her 1st vaccination and will need another in 2 weeks time.


Jasper - Brown Tabby Exotic 6 yrs old.

This lovely boy has been a housecat with access to an enclosed garden .
He is a very affectionate and vocal boy. He has a slight heart murmur our vet says its a grade 1/2 and no problem to him.
He is neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped.


Timmy - Tabby British Shorthair 'cross' and Jasper - Black Smoke Devon Rex both 16 months old.
Jasper has a scar on his eye from surgery when he was a kitten its all healed but visible. These lovely boys must stay together. They are very affectionate and are together all the time. Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.


Matilda Blue Persian 8 yrs old and Artur Red Persian 5 yrs old.
Matilda is a princess and she likes to call all the shots Artur is a lovebug and is very affectionate.
They must stay together. Beautiful cats.
They are neutered, microchipped and vaccinated and will be bathed and groomed ready for a new home.



Bethany and Briany - Black and White DSH 13 weeks old
They each have had one of their hind legs removed at 2 days old because her and Briany were attached to each via their umbilical cord. They bomb around and climb just the same as any other kittens.


Chester Black and White DSH 13 weeks old ( brother to Bethany and Briany)
He has all his legs bless him - a lovely affectionate boy.


Socks: Black and White Longhair 12 weeks old All these kittens are fully vaccinated, microchipped, neutered, flead and wormed and ready now.


Tango: Black Persian 10 years old.

Beautiful girl - loves a fuss and is used to other cats
Neutered, microchipped and had her 1st vaccination and will need another in 3 weeks time.


Willow: Brown Burmese 7 years old

This beautiful affectionate girl came in a month ago covered in fleas and flea allergy.
Her skin has now healed and she is ready for a new home.

She is neutered, microchipped and had her 1st vaccination and will need another in 3 weeks time.


Boris; Red and White Siberian 4 yrs old.

This big beautiful boy needs to be a only cat and have a large garden or area he can hunt and play.
He is shy but once he gets to know you he's fine.
He is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. No small children.
Some Siberians are hypoallergic but not all of them.


Lexus: Cream and White Persian 11 yrs old
This beautiful girl has come to us because her owners are going back to Australia and feel the flight will be to much for her.

She is a lovely affectionate girl and chats and loves to be with you.
She has been fully vet checked and has a slight heart murmur but nothing to cause concern at her age.
She is very active and a big strong girl.
Neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.


Tilly Black Persian 7 yrs old and Garcia Seal colourpoint 6 yrs old Mother and Son.

Very close beautiful cats they came to us because their owner went into residential care.
They have both had dentals and Tilly needed steriods and antibiotics and we will start her vaccinations next week

They have gained lots of weight and are both very affectionate.
Tilly doesn't like Garcia to be out of her sight or she shouts for him. (She still washes him and puts him right)
They are both neutered, vaccinated and Garcia has had his 1st vaccination and will need another in 3 weeks Ready Soon .


Star - Black Domestic Longhair- 5 yrs old

This beautiful girl has come to us through another Rescue because her owner has died
She has been a housecat only and is not used to other animals or children
She's very affectionate - a lovely little girl.
Neutered vaccinated and microchipped time.


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