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Persian Rescue

About Us

CHAIRMAN - Mr Matthew Robey
SECRETARY - Mrs Katie Robey
TREASURER - Mrs Ann Dyte
WEBSITE - Mrs Diane Hunt


Mr Neil Smith
Mrs Ann Dyte
Mrs Katie Robey
Mr Matthew Robey
Mrs Kaye Davis
Mrs Emma Woods
Mr Peter Goddard
Miss Alex Linn

Ann Osborne

Home checks are usually carried out by Patsy with support from Neil, Rachel (Coventry), Heather (Banbury), Suzanne (Milton Keynes) and Lorraine (Northampton). Patsy, Gretta, Ann O, Ann D, Kerry and Chris are amongst the fosterers for the rescue. Patsy and Neil do the ‘vet runs’ and in addition Kerry and our other great volunteers help out with the daily duties including bathing and grooming. Patsy, Neil, Laurie-an and Matt are the voices at the end of the phone line and are usually the ones ‘meeting and greeting’ you when you come to view the cats.

Rushden Persian Rescue (RPR) is an established registered Charity based in Rushden (Northamptonshire) for the rescue and re-homing of Persian (and occassionally subject to space) other pedigree cats in Northamptonshire and the surrounding areas.

Having done rescue / fostering for the Cats Protection League (Northampton) and Cat Action Trust for many years, myself (Patsy) and my trusted band of volunteers founded Rushden Persian Rescue in January 2007.

We were thrown in at the deepend in January 2007 when we took in 7 Persian cats (one heavily pregnant). Sadly she lost her kittens despite our best efforts and a C-section. She was later neutered and homed when she had fully recovered.

Since then we have had a steady stream of Persian, Exotic and Persian 'crosses' come over our doorstep, which is highlighted by the fact that we rescued 216 cats in 2009 compared to 88 cats in our first year.

Before you can adopt a cat, a home visit is carried out. This means that when we contact you to come to see the cats, if you find one to suit you, it means you can take them home immediately with you.

All our cats are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, bathed/groomed, wormed/flea treated and fully vet checked before they are offered to you.

They are also supplied with 4 weeks FREE Pet Insurance, and go home with a Royal Canin Food Parcel, along with a care leaflet, grooming tips, and a list of '' do's and dont's''.


We are blessed to have 2 wonderful vets to help us with our Rescue work .....

Swanspool Veterinary Clinic in Wellingborough and also Healers in Irthlingborough
We are very grateful for them and both have very good ''out of hours service'' which is a must with rescue .


We are desperately seeking a Fundraising Co-ordinator to join the team of volunteers.

This will take a lot of pressure off of me (Patsy) to get the funds in, because like all rescues it's going out quicker than coming in this year. Obviously being a Charity we rely on donations which are always gratefully received. :-)

We are always in need of donations of cans/bags of food, pens, cat carriers etc and also new 'foster homes'.

If you think you may be able to help us then please get in touch.