Welcome to this site, here we gather informational articles about the Persian cat breed. Persians are a breed of domestic cat that originally hailed from the area of the Middle East known as Persia, which corresponds roughly to modern day Iran. The very first recorded or documented instance of these wonderful cats dates to the early 1600s.

It was not until the late 19th century that the breed was recognised for its majesty and beauty by other nations with England being the first to see the inherent differences between Persians and other breeds of domestic cats. That’s when they wanted to begin breeding them themselves. After the end of hostilities in the Second World War the breed was finally brought to North America.

By 2015 it was recognised as the second most popular breed of domestic cat in the United States while a variant of the breed known as the Exotic Shorthair took top spot. The very popular breed known as the Himalayan is also a variant of the Persian breed and many consider all three to be true Persians but some still regard the Exotic and the Himalayan as wholly separate breeds when it comes to shows and sales.

The most common and distinct feature of a true Persian is the somewhat flattened face. While the breeders have been able, through very selective breeding, to obtain a broad range of hair colors, they have also caused the flat face of the breed to become even more pronounced and have caused some genetic health issues. In spite of this, these cats have stood the test of time with increasing popularity.